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Mega Fishing Slot Machine

Experience the thrill of Mega Fishing within the best JILI slot games—an exhilarating online fishing adventure akin to Jackpot Fishing. Within Mega Fishing, an immense octopus unveils a gilded wheel of luck, presenting an opportunity to snag incredible prizes! Moreover, players can relish augmented features while confronting distinctive sea creatures, including explosive crab bombs. Plunge into the captivating and entertaining gameplay!

Dive into Mega Fishing’s mesmerizing underwater world, housing 27 distinct aquatic creatures, each offering thrilling shooting prospects. Upon triumphing over the ultimate foe, the Mega Octopus, an enchanting Wheel of Fortune emerges, offering substantial bonuses! Join us to savor an unprecedented fishing experience. And be sure to explore the new and complimentary game, Jackpot Fishing, available today!

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Mega Fishing Game Features

Special weapon – Railgun

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Using the railgun incurs a cost of 15 times the original bet. When a fish is eliminated using the railgun, there’s a chance of initiating a chain lightning effect, granting the highest multiplier when the defeated fish turns out to be a Drill Crab.

Special weapon – Torpedo

Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing-JILI178-03

The expenditure for firing torpedoes is 6 times the initial bet, yet it significantly enhances the likelihood of eliminating the fish.

Awakened Boss

Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing-JILI178-04

Once the Giant Crocodile is defeated, it activates its Awakening effect, launching attacks on fish present on the stage. The more fish it eliminates, the larger the rewards become!

Mega Octopus Wheel

Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing-JILI178-05

After vanquishing the octopus, you’ll gain a chance to spin the wheel.

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The displayed multiplier becomes yours as soon as the wheel stops.

If you land on the “Golden Wheel,” you’ll get to spin it, unlocking the chance to secure bonuses reaching an impressive 950x multiplier!

Mega Fishing Special Fish

Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing-JILI178-06 60X Starfish Upon its demise, it generates a swirling vortex in its vicinity, presenting an opportunity to eliminate any fish trapped within.
Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing-JILI178-07 70X Bomb Crab Upon death, throws 3 bombs onto the stage, with a chance to kill fish caught in the explosions.
Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing-JILI178-08 20-80X Drill Crab Upon its demise, it releases a controllable drill onto the stage, which will rebound and eventually detonate. There’s a possibility of eliminating fish caught in its trajectory and the ultimate explosion.

Mega Fishing Game Payout and Fishing Jackpot

Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-09 50, 60, 70X / 400, 480, 560X Gem Turtle
Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-09 2x Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-10 2x
Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-11 3x Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-12 4x
Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-13 5x Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-14 6x
Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-15 7x Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-16 8x
Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-17 10x Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-18 12x
  15x Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-20 20x
  25x Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-22 20-25x / 100-125x Huge Clownfish
  25-30x / 125-150xHuge Angelofish Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-24 30-35x / 150-175x Huge Putterfish
  40xGolden Goldfish Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-26 45xGolden Clownfish
  50x Golden Jellyfish Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-28 55xGolden Mantr Ray
  60-120x Jaws Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-30 80-320xGiant Anglerfish
  50,60,70x/400,480,560xGem Turtle Best-JILI-Slot-Mega Fishing Pay Out-JILI178-32 150-600xGiant Crocodile

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